I came to art quite late in life following a diagnosis of breast cancer, a life experience which thankfully guided me to stop procrastinating and get going. Every day feels like a bonus, and I truly appreciate the health and opportunities that I have.

I like to take my easel and oil paints out and about, setting up and painting ‘alla prima’ (in one go) in front of the subject. I feel part of the scene – birdsong, passing conversations, warm sun, cold wind, the smell of the earth – these things come back to me when I look back on my work. Time limits, fast-changing light and weather all help me focus on getting the big shapes down whilst avoiding detail.

With watercolours, after many hours of practice, I now like to paint them in under an hour. Otherwise, it’s all too easy to overwork and lose the light. My favourite watercolours are the ones that look as if they’ve been painted almost carelessly. 

Whatever I’m painting, I aim to share my responses to the essence of the subject in a fresh, direct way.


Oil painting accepted into Chelsea Art Society Open Exhibition

3 oil paintings pre-selected for NEAC (New English Art Club) Mall Galleries annual exhibition

Solo exhibition at Aylmer Gallery Café, London N2


Pre-selected for ROI (Royal Institute of Oil Painters) Mall Galleries annual exhibition

‘Highly Recommended’ Patchings Art Festival

Elected a member of Ipswich Art Society


Runner-up ‘Best artwork depicting a place’, Insight School of Art  


Shortlisted, Royal Academy of Art Summer Exhibition 

Shortlisted, NOAC (National Open Art Competition)


Winner of NEAC (New English Art Club) Barbara Hepworth drawing competition